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Did you place your dreams on hold because of the endless responsibilities of raising children? Are you a mom who feels:


due to cleaning, cooking, being your kids’ chauffeur, being a full-time employee or entrepreneur, a wife and much more?


about pursuing your career or taking time for yourself?


regarding your aspirations, business or career?


when it comes to your family, career and personal desires?

You are NOT ALONE!

I can completely relate. I felt the same way during my first few years as a mom. I began to live a life of regret and I thought to myself, “there has to be more to life than what I am currently experiencing.” What about me? What about my dreams? Surely, there had to be a way to live a balanced life. It took me years to discover that there IS LIFE AFTER GIVING LIFE. And it is my desire to guide you through proven, practical, step-by-step principles and strategies to get you back on track, focus on your dreams, take time for yourself (without feeling guilty) and balance your ever-increasing tasks and responsibilities. The Radiant Mom coaching service is not for the average mom who is comfortable with the way “life is”.  I offer private coaching for moms who desire to live a fulfilled life while balancing the gift of motherhood, success, and self-care. Our exclusive list of clientele only include moms who were ready to invest in themselves, transform their mindset, be disciplined as well as committed to move beyond the stereotypes and limitations that society often places on them. Take the next step and find out how you can get the support you need to live a fulfilled life without regrets.


(Results vary based on the selected coaching package)  
  • Creating strategies and schedules to develop a more balanced life
  • Refining your priorities to make time for self-care
  • Removing the feeling of guilt when it comes to prioritizing your desires and needs
  • Developing a stronger sense of purpose and fulfillment
  • Obtaining a heightened perspective and clarity on personal and professional goals
  • Building your ‘village’ to help you stay accountable and provide help throughout your journey
  • Identifying pain points, obstacles, and fears that have hindered you from pursuing your dreams
  • Troubleshooting triggers that lead to stress and anxiety
  • Establishing an achievable 30-day action plan
  • ….and much more


Do you want to continue down the path of trying to figure out how to balance life on your own, or are you ready to get a head start and begin living a more fulfilled life right now? Are you ready to stop putting yourself last and prioritize your dreams, purpose and goals? Are you ready to make a change? Are you ready to invest in yourself?


Truthfully, private coaching is not for everyone (and that’s OK). But if you are ready for a life-changing experience and are committed to investing in yourself, then continue to read and find out more. Receive 1:1 or group coaching, which includes provide practical, step-by-step guidance to help you take the first step to living a fulfilled life. We offer several transformative coaching packages and you also have the option to customize your session based on what you need…after all, it’s YOUR money and time. Each coaching package comes with a FREE PDF assessment, a welcome packet, 1:1 video conferencing and email support throughout the duration of the coaching timeframe.


It’s easy and you can complete the first 2 steps while washing a load of laundry or cheering at your child’s game.  Spaces are limited so don’t delay!


Select the package that fits your needs and click ‘Invest Now’.


Select which date/time works for you via our easy online scheduler and pay for the coaching session(s).


Complete the Intake form and receive a confirmation email.


 Attend the life-changing, video conference session(s) based on your scheduled time/date.
Cancellation Policy All session fees are due prior to the scheduled appointment and are non-refundable. You are financially responsible for the full payment of the session(s) you have scheduled, regardless of if you do not attend. If by chance there is an unforeseen circumstance that occurs and you are unable to attend your session, you can call 48 hours in advance and reschedule it for the next available time/date.   Terms and Conditions The Radiant Mom coaching sessions have been developed to provide actionable results. The outcomes may vary and are contingent on a level of commitment expected by the client. All comments and ideas offered by Radiant Mom are solely for the purpose of aiding clients to achieve their defined goals. The information shared during each session is confidential and used for educational purposes only. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team of experts: Email:

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Our Mission 

To inspire and provide a practical approach to help moms pursue their dreams, rediscover themselves as well as balance self-care, motherhood and success. 

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Thandi Montgomery is the founder of Radiant Mom. She is also a dynamic speaker, writer, successful entrepreneur, and a coach who helps moms rediscover themselves and live a successful, balanced life.

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