After having baby #2, getting back in shape seemed IMPOSSIBLE for me! Between making organic baby food, changing diapers, attending my son’s baseball games, being a wife, volunteering in the community and developing marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies, just the THOUGHT of working out and losing those EXTRA pounds made me EXHAUSTED.

I fell into a cycle of making excuses and listening to what “they” said. They said, “the extra weight looks good on you.” They said, “just buy SPANX or a NEW wardrobe for your NEW body.” They said, “it’s normal to gain weight and most moms learn to adjust.

One year after having baby #2, I blamed the EXTRA pounds on “the baby”. But in reality, it wasn’t “the baby” who was making me stress-eat and indulge in the FREE, unlimited snacks at my job. It wasn’t “the baby” who kept me from working out. There was definitely time, BUT it was easier to make excuses instead of progress.

Two years after having baby #2, the extra pounds were STILL THERE and at that moment, I had a CHOICE. I had the choice to continue down the same path and be uncomfortable in my own body OR make a lifestyle change to get MY BODY BACK.

With the help of:

1. My husband (my accountability partner)

2. A LOT of discipline, sweat and tears (evening workouts)

3. A sustainable workout regimen (Queen Warriors workout program)

4. PATIENCE (it didn’t happen overnight)

5. Changing my diet (I’ve been a pescatarian for 3 years)

I started to SLOWLY see a difference. I was so proud when I lost my FIRST pound and after months of being CONSISTANT, I started to see a difference. Eventually, the pounds dropped and my confidence and energy-level went back up.

To all the moms out there that are trying to bounce back, keep going…it will pay off soon.

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