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Professional Development Courses for Moms


Based on a recent survey, 43% of working women quit their jobs when they have children. As a result, companies spend thousands of dollars in recruitment costs as well as to train a new employee. 

According to research, 60% of working moms* stated that it is difficult to balance work & family.

Over the past few decades, the struggle of balancing success, self-care and motherhood has heightened especially among those who have children under the age of 5. Although the working mom helps to contribute to the finances within the household, the everyday balancing act of maintaining the home, her health and career has become daunting and can often lead to her feeling OVERWHELMED, GUILTY, UNFULFILLED AND UNBALANCED.


Through corporate partnerships,  transformative and interactive professional development courses are provided for working moms and moms-to-be. Practical, step-by-step strategies to help them redefine motherhood, excel in their career and take time for themselves without feeling guilty.

The intent of these courses is not only to serve as a valuable resource for working moms and moms-to-be, but to also help organizations retain talented employees and reduce turnover costs for qualified women who enjoy pursuing their career and being a mom.

Each course is 60 minutes and we provide the communication needed to announce the course(s), the course material and follow-up surveys to determine the efficacy of the courses. 

The Radiant Mom courses consist of fun, interactive sessions through which practical, step-by-step strategies will be provided to help moms:



for motherhood while working full time



back to work after maternity leave



the ever-increasing tasks and responsibilities of being a working mom


  • Maternity Leave Prep: Dos and Don’ts
  • The Transition Back to Work: Support, Systems and Success
  • Effective Communication between Moms and Managers
  • Being a Supermom is Overrated
  • The Balancing Act: Motherhood, Success and Self-care
  • Me Time? It’s Possible!
  • A Mixed Bag of Emotions: Overcoming Mom Guilt
  • I am MORE than a Mom


(Results vary based on the selected course modules)

  • Creating strategies and schedules to develop a more balanced life
  • Refining priorities to make time for self-care
  • Removing the feeling of guilt when it comes to prioritizing desires and needs
  • Developing a stronger sense of purpose and fulfillment (at work and at home)
  • Obtaining a heightened perspective and clarity on personal and professional goals
  • Building a ‘village’ to help stay accountable and provide help throughout the journey
  • Identifying pain points, obstacles, and fears 
  • Troubleshooting triggers that lead to stress and anxiety
  • ….and much more


Partner with Radiant Mom and offer transformative courses to moms and moms-to-be within your organization to help them learn the art of being a results-driven employee, while being a mom. 

Truthfully, integrating professional development courses for moms is not for every organization (and that’s OK). But if your organization is ready to attract more exceptional employees (who are also moms), reduce turnover, and save thousands of dollars on recruitment and training costs, then make the first step and complete the short form below. We look forward to partnering with you.


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Cancellation Policy

The full payment of the course(s) are due 30 days prior to the scheduled date and is non-refundable. If by chance there is an unforeseen circumstance that occurs, you can call 48 hours in advance and reschedule it for the next available time/date.  

Terms and Conditions

The Radiant Mom professional development courses have been developed to provide actionable results. The outcomes may vary and are contingent on a level of commitment expected by the organization. All comments and ideas offered by Radiant Mom are solely for the purpose of aiding organizations to achieve their defined goals. The information shared during each session is confidential and used for educational purposes only.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team of experts:


Me Time?...It's Possible! The Ultimate Guide for Busy Moms: Quick tips on How to Find Time for Yourself!

Our Mission 

To inspire and provide a practical approach to help moms pursue their dreams, rediscover themselves as well as balance self-care, motherhood and success. 

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Thandi Montgomery is the founder of Radiant Mom. She is also a dynamic speaker, writer, successful entrepreneur, and a coach who helps moms rediscover themselves and live a successful, balanced life.

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