Waiting can be one of the most daunting, yet unavoidable tasks that we face. Rather it’s waiting for a new job or significant other, standing in the inevitable long line at Wal-Mart or being stuck in 5 o’clock traffic; waiting can bring out the best or worse in us. At times we mirror the tendencies of a toddler by throwing temper tantrums and saying things like: “I don’t want to wait, it’s my turn or I want it right now”. But if the truth be told, if you received the “it” that you were waiting for before it was time, you may not have what it takes to keep it.

Candice Glover, Season 12 American Idol winner, knows all about the waiting game. Her American Idol journey started in Season 9 and she auditioned 3 times prior to being selected to be on the live shows. Although she was very talented, Candice discussed Simon Cowell’s view of her during an interview on the Tonight Show; “he said that I would be a lounge singer and I would sing in a hotel lobby…He painted a picture of how unsuccessful I’d be. But I honestly thank him for that because it pushed me to do better and come back and win three years later.” (Tonight Show)

Despite the negative comments from Simon, Candice decided to come back and audition for seasons 10 and 11 but unfortunately was eliminated in both. If it were not for her parents, she would have given up but they persuaded her to try one more time. And finally, after being rejected time and time again, the wait was finally over and it was her turn. In Season 12, Candice came back stronger than ever and proved that she had what it took to be the next American Idol.

Depending on your attitude, waiting can birth frustration or fortitude, self-pity or patience, creativity or complacency. Only you can determine the outcome. Here are a few tips on what you can do while waiting on your next…:

  1. Look at your situation and turn the negative into a positive.
  2. Learn something new  while you wait.
  3. Help someone else in need.
  4. Enjoy the moment (but don’t get complacent).

What are some examples of times you had to wait and what did you do to get through the waiting period?

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