Being a mom does not give me an excuse to put my dreams on hold. It may take longer and some creativity…but it’s possible. People ask me “how do you juggle the demands of being a mom, working full-time, volunteering, mentoring, traveling AND have time for yourself and husband?”

Well, the short answer is “I’m still trying to figure it out.” But along the way, these 11 tips have really helped:

1. Pray.

2. Give up on perfectionism.

3. Learn how to say “no” (This will help you to NOT overcommit).

4. Unplug and schedule time for yourself (It’s not selfish…it’s necessary).

5. Outsource (I HATE doing laundry and going to the grocery store, so I found a service that can do it for me).

6. Streamline and create systems for your home (i.e. magnetic checklists for kids + create a shared Google calendar for the family).

7. Reach out to your village (it’s OK to ask for help and admit that you don’t have everything under control).

8. Ask yourself “is this necessary?” (Does my son always have to eat organic food, attend EVERY party and play more than 1 sport at a time? NOPE!)

9. Take care of your body (workout and eat healthy…as often as possible).

10. Surround yourself with POSITIVE people who are already where you want to go.

11. Schedule a date night EVERY week (yep, even if you’re like me and fall asleep while watching the latest movie on Netflix…but it still counts right?!)

Shout-out to all the moms out there who are making it happen (while being a mom). 💕

No more excuses…go for it!

What are some tips that you have to help busy moms stay sane and prioritize what’s important?

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